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Today, the 8th of January, 2022, we are still basking on the euphoria and commemoration of the second anniversary of the official recognition, crowing, and Coronation of the Royal King of the Atlantis Kingdom, who was unanimously and jointly crowned and coronated by a Royal decree number 788/Manorial record house of Tudor British Royal Family and the Commonwealth Government, on the first day of January, 2019 with full Royal and sovereign authority, powers, rights, and privileges and empowerment as a first-class / authentic Monarch, and Sovereign King worldwide. It is equally on record, that the same day, the Atlantis Kingdom and H.E Emperor, Professor, Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury, was officially recognized and certified by the United Nations (UN), as a Kingdom with operational headquarter in Galway, Ireland. Also, as a world leader, and renowned Public figure & Chief of the leading UN IGO~ The World Leaders Forum (TWLF) [UN SPECIALIZED AGENCY] and Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO), where he serves as the Governor-General till date, unconditionally endorsed his Kingship and coronation as the substantive and paramount King of the Atlantis kingdom which is Continent of Antarctica a defined territory also on record of numerous International Courts. NOW!BY the specific Executive Orders, instructions, also,by the vested Royal authority and approval of the Emperor / Sovereign King and Head of State of the Atlantis Kingdom on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, H.E.Emperor, Prof. Dr. International Judge and Provost Marshall General Sir Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury (About The Emperor : ) we make the following crucial public announcements/ declarations, whilst highlighting some Milestone achievements, and giant strides recorded by the Atlantis Kingdom (Sovereign State) since inception, in the last two years. On behalf of the good citizens of the Atlantis Kingdom. More information & Updates about the Atlantis Kingdom visible from this weblink : I. It is worthy of mention that On the 28th of December, 2021, the King of Atlantis Kingdom, HIM, Emperor Lord Prof. Dr. Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury, announced and published the appointment of H. E Dr. Henry Chike Mokwenye as the Prime Minister of the Atlantis Kingdom (here attached to this release is the said appointment letter.) 2. In the same vein, on the 5th of January, 2022, the same King of the Atlantis Kingdom, appointed and published the appointment of H.E. Dr. Obiefule Mba Ogbonna as the Secretary of the Atlantis Kingdom. attached also, is the appointment letter. The King of Atlantis Kingdom shall in due course, appoint, announce and bring on board other Ministers for various ministries and Heads of departments, who shall work as a team in his cabinet, also as may be recommended by the Prime Minister. Embassies of Atlantis Kingdom State will be established worldwide. 3. we are pleased and totally glad to announce to all Atlantean citizens, and the general public that this Kingdom has a lot of unprecedented and innovative economic blueprint, initiatives, developmental and infrastructural projects for the rapid and sustainable socio-economic and infrastructural development and transformation of the Antarctica Continent, with defined budgets, funding, and with strategic implementation plans, on the pipeline, which includes, but not limited to the following; A. The establishment of world-class, and State-of-the-art Smart Cities, within and outside the Atlantis Kingdom, as may be approved by the Head of State and the Prime Minister. B. Development and building of unique Shopping Malls of International standards, to promote intra kingdom and international trades, thereby strengthening and boosting cordial and bilateral trade and commercial relationships between the Atlantis and other Kingdoms or Nations of the world. C. We would roll out a blueprint and action plan to organize and host periodic expo/ exhibitions in our Kingdom territory or at any avenue outside the Kingdom to be approved by the Emperor / Sovereign King to create the requisite platform and international market and to give the citizens who are into Small and Medium-scale Enterprises, SME's,the opportunity of showcasing their products and services in order to boost the economic growth and development of the Atlantis Kingdom among others. We shall build a viable innovative and export-based economy by encouraging, mentoring, supporting, and training Entrepreneurs SMEs, and the youths, to channel their youthful and creative potentials into productive endeavors, which is the hallmark of any growing and developing economies. 3. Good news, The Atlantis Kingdom will issue qualified applicants and approved citizens, National and Diplomatic Passports to those that deserve it, with Royal decree identification numbers, with customized and highly encrypted electronic verification/ back codes/bar code. The Atlantis Kingdom had planned and has its blueprint and original master plan for her Smart Cities, since 2019 even before her certification and recognition as Royal Sovereignty by the UN and European-UK Royal kingdom. We hereby attach for the perusal and verification of the authenticity by public, and the sovereignty decree certificate. The Emperor / Sovereign King and the leading UN IGO~ The World Leaders Forum / TWLF IGO, World HQ, Ireland currently hold mandate to establish 6 new UN HQs worldwide and therefore functioning as a Leading UN Specialized Agency . TWLF IGO WORKING TO DEVELOP BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR WORLDWIDE TO BE SUPPORTIVE TOWARDS UNSDG PLANS AND VISION 2030, VISION 2040. Also, attached to this press release is the United Nations' Intergovernmental Organization number (IGO) NO- 664240 . 4. We are pleased, to announce to you that the Atlantis Kingdom, will soon commence an update on our well articulate Citizenship Programs, we shall acquaint you with the approved legal qualification and requirements to become a full-fledged citizen of our Royal Kingdom. 5. Those who are already citizens, shall be assigned with the Royal decree serial numbers soon. The Prime Minister, on approval of the King, will soon publish citizenship application forms for prospective applicants and those interested in becoming Atlantis citizens. 6. Our Atlantis Kingdom is well known for diverse humanitarian programs and projects to improve the living standards of our citizenry, the public Charity programs are in all fours, in tandem with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). We have vowed to vigorously pursue and implement all the 17 SDGs, without fail in our kingdom, with the resources available to us, without going cap-in-hand to raise illegal funds or soliciting or begging for crowdfunding on social media, or by ridiculous selling of appointments to raise money or monetizing her certificates for money, Be rest assured our kingdom can not do nor encourage nor indulge in any of such despicable acts. Any kind of fund raising activities are only part of our charitable activities for social cause but not main source of income stream or fund generating plan for sustainability of the kingdom. 7. At this juncture, Ladies and gentlemen, we must pause here, to put the general public duly on notice, that this Atlantis kingdom will not and can never condense so low, or throw caution to the wind, by soliciting or calling the public to make phoney donations for our kingdom development, nor for any reason whatsoever solicit, or offer for sale to the highest bidder, at any time and anywhere, our Royal citizenship certificates or appointments, in order to raise funds to establish a kingdom or to build or develop our Smart Cities. We have our financial plans in order which we will soon officially implement for further development of the kingdom activities. Take notice, that all our projects, both domestic, international, and capital projects, shall be fully funded by our international development partners, already waiting investors, and 100% percent funded from our World Bank For Prosperity (WBFP) in the near future time , thereby giving us an enviable advantage and edge over other would-be sovereign kingdoms of the world. so, this Royal Kingdom by the grace of the Almighty God is not and will never be in financial need, nor in financial crisis, rather we are poised to meeting the financial needs of any poor and borrowing kingdom that approaches us. Against this backdrop, the King and Emperor of the Atlantis Kingdom, hereby make this public notice and publish a legal disclaimer exonerating the Atlantis Kingdom from any form of blame, or criminal liability or responsibility for anyone who ignores this warning/ disclaimer and goes ahead to deal with such dubious elements, and should have themselves to blame,if they fall into their traps as victims, or if scammed by those professional online Kingdom Marketers and Advertisers, or if they are deceived by anyone or group of persons merchandising and monetizing appointments or selling certificates, whether on social media platforms or by any means of communication. The Atlantis Kingdom (Sovereign State) will operate with full integrity like any other sovereign states. We operate through Autocracy. This news letter serves as a serious warning to any person or group of persons or organizations impersonating or purporting to use, copy, imitate, or steal the designs, logo, name, our work plans and who by any mean infringes on our intellectual property and copyrights of this Royal Atlantis Kingdom, being the very first recognized Atlantis Kingdom by the UN, European and British Royal Kingdom , will have himself or themselves to blame, because we shall not spear or treat with kids gloves such IP thieves, or criminal copycats, they would be compelled to face the long arms of the law, and will not escape criminal responsibility and punishment for such crimes upon conviction, by international court or local courts, where the theft or infringement occurs. Besides, we shall not hesitate to officially report an alleged suspect(s) to the United Nations Security Council for appropriate sanctions and punishment. We hereby unequivocally, declare with corporate responsibility and Royal decree, that this Altantis Kingdom is founded by God and on the word of God, therefore, shall be ruled and governed by Godly principles, Royal policies, and decrees from time to time as may be promulgated by the Cabinets under the watch and oversight of the King and his Prime Minister, which policies among others, shall be enforcement and maintenance of zero tolerance for corruption, and criminality, as much as practicable, we want to build a highly civilized, and have a crime -free kingdom, while advocating, promoting, encouraging and enthroning global peace and prosperity. Also our Sovereign Kingdom State representation will be visible in the future to all UN and International Events / Govts Summit along with all other governments. Meanwhile, we wish to notify the general public, that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Prof. Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury, is the official head of the United Nations new Security Council (UNNSC)with Operations World Headquarter in Ireland who currently holds mandate to establish 6 new UN HQs globally which is also backed by WORLD BANK, IMF & UN Sovereign Management. 8. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the big bang, we are proud and privileged to break the news, on good authority, and on the approval of the King and Head of the Atlantis kingdom Emperor, Prof. Mosharaf, C. Hossain, that the Royal Atlantis Kingdom shall soon officially open and operate an international world bank to be known as WORLD BANK FOR PROSPERITY (WBFP) with international Headquarter in Ireland. Website : The bank is also among Auxiliary Project plans of TWLF IGO & therefore an UNO (United Nations Organization). we are currently at finishing phase and will soon officially announce opening date of the bank by 31st January, 2022. Also, glad to inform the general public that, the Atlantis Kingdom, has also concluded plans to establish at least one of such prosperity World Bank, in every continent of the world. The bank is also currently backed by the collateral of Atlantis Kingdom / Antarctica Continents Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Resources, Precious Metals, Gem Stones, Different Mines & Other Resources to improve its overall capacity to help the citizens of of the Sovereign State also to general public. APART FROM ITS ADDITIONAL COLLATERAL BACK UP FROM EXTERNAL SOURCES FOR ITS GLOBAL BRANCHES ESTABLISHMENT AND FUTURE OPERATIONAL PLANS. LADIES and GENTLEMEN, and members of the press, we will like to wrap it up here for now, while promising to keep you updated and to keep feeding you and the general public with fresh information and feedback on new developments, plans, and perspectives, programs, activities, progress and achievements of the Atlantis Kingdom. We love you all as partners -in -progress. Long live the Atlantis kingdom, Long live the Emperor and the good citizens of this great Royal Kingdom. Once again, On the behalf of the HIM, the Emperor and Head of State of Atlantis Kingdom, H.E Prof. Dr. Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury (Also known as ~ King Of Kings) , and the Prime Minister, H.E Dr. Henry Chike Mokwenye, l heartily Congratulate all Atlantean citizens and those who will join hereafter. Permit me to leave you with this assurance, that the best of this growing , divine and highly cultured kingdom, is yet to come. So stay tuned. Signed. The Secretary of the Atlantis Kingdom H.E Dr. Obiefule Mba Ogbonna.


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